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Burgessville Grain & Feed Inc. is a family owned and operated feed mill in business since 1982 located directly in the heart of Oxford County in Burgessville, Ontario.


We provide Ontario swine, ruminant, and cattle producers with competitively priced mixes, commodities, grains, and feed ingredients. Accompanied with our products we strive to offer exceptional customer service. For more information click below.



Palm Fat Market Update

Summer heat is on us including a few extra incentive days. Right now is prime time to consider adding palm fat into your ration. 

If you are struggling to fill your incentive days or notice any signs of heat stress, reproduction issues, or want to improve body condition give us a call today to discuss the different types of palm fat to suit your needs. 


We offer competitive skid lot pricing! 


Mount Elgin Grain Facility

We are now open for Harvest 2020 and look forward to receiving your grain! 


Regular receiving hours are Monday to Friday from 8AM - 5PM. For outside hours please contact Calvin Brown at 519-851-0300.


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Palm Fat Market Update

Summer heat stress is over but fall incentive days are still going strong. If you need an additional boost to your milk production talk to us today regarding different palm fat options! 

The market continues to be strong throughout the fall with a slight increase in pricing compared to the summer months. 


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Note: Bags and skids are delivered Wednesday of every week. Please place your order two days before hand to ensure the product is available.

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