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At Burgessville we know and understand the commodity and grain markets. Supplying a wide variety of commodities, protein mixes, grains, and feed ingredients to dairy, swine, beef, and poultry producers, we strongly focus on providing competitive prices and strong customer service. 

We service our customers from our feed elevator located in the heart of Burgessville along with our Mount Elgin Grain Facility. The elevators are fully licensed and operated under good management practices which are required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. At our Mount Elgin location we provide grain producers with drying and elevation services. 

With a network of connections we focus on helping grain producers with full service marketing of farm and elevator grains, livestock producers with a full range of bulk commodities and bulk feed ingredients as well as feed mills with a steady, competitively priced flow of supply. Our fleet includes dumps, walking floors, and an auger unit. We cover all areas of Southwestern Ontario, Michigan, and Western New York. 

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